Are you hiring?

No. We are a small, employee-owned, union company with a highly skilled workforce. We find it is easier to control our quality by staying small.

Do you sell plaster materials?

No. L&W Supply has materials available. You can contact them at 937-223-0737. They are located at 3393 East Needmore Road, Dayton OH 45414.

What is the difference between Oren Associates and Oren Plastering?

Oren Associates was owned by Ken Oren, who is a part-time minister. When he decided to concentrate on his ministry, Carol Oren, the sister who owns Oren Fab & Supply, got together with some of the employees of Oren Associates. The group started a new entity with the same goal: quality work and prompt, friendly service.

Is Ken still involved in the business?

Ken remains an invaluable resource to Oren Plastering. Ken also has a part-time job as the representative for the Dayton Bureau for Lath and Plaster. As such, he is available to architects, designers, and general contractors in the Dayton area for questions about the technical aspects of plaster, fireproofing, and all types of plaster systems.

Take a look at his website.

Do you do fireproofing?

Yes. Oren Plastering does many types of fireproofing, including plaster wall construction, intumescent paint, and spray-fireproofing on steel beams, columns, and metal deck.

Who does Oren Fab & Supply sell to?

Everyone. All kinds of people buy our plaster products—professional plasterers, students, artists, dental labs, mold makers, and orthopedic shops. However, we ask that you know what you want when you come to pick up materials.

Note: Synthetic stucco/EIFS (Dryvit®) products are sold to certified applicators only.

How do I become a certified applicator?

Contact your local distributor for information on becoming an applicator. To find your local Dryvit® distributor, click here.

How do I become a plasterer?

Contact your local “Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons” union and ask about their apprenticeship training. It is a four year course that involves both on-the-job training and classroom training. During that time you learn everything from reading a blueprint to applying stucco and whitecoat finish. There is even a section on decorative plaster and casting. Check out the plaster competition at the Ohio State Fair this year to see these apprentices in action. The winners of the state competition go on to compete in the national competition in Las Vegas.

Is Oren Plastering a woman owned business?


What area does Oren Plastering work in?

Generally we work in the Southwestern part of Ohio—North to Lima, East to Columbus, South to Cincinnati, and West to Richmond. Although for the right job, we will travel further. To us that means an ornamental or specialty plaster project or renovation.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at 937.233.7621 or email at orenplastering@oren-usa.com.